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  2012 NCAA Tournament News, Predictions & Opinions

Apr 2. Notre Dame-Baylor breakdown
Apr 2. Irish's master of the unconventional
Apr 2. On and off court, Griner rises above
Apr 2. ... pairing the two best point guards in the game against each other, may decide the game.
Mar 30: The Value Of Brooklyn Pope & Destiny Williams To Baylor
Mar 29. "And y'all need to look out because they tell me these steroids make me irritable."
Mar 29. Big East rivals meet for the fourth time in '12
Mar 28. Top women's seeds approach mountaintop
Mar 28. Final Four a surprise for Geno Auriemma
Mar 27. Machine-like Baylor bound for Denver
Mar 27. Baylor's controversial win
Mar 24. ... a challenging field of some of the nation's top defenses await them in Fresno.
Mar 24. A matchup ... that is intriguing because both due to the collection of talent on the floor and their unpredictability.
Mar 22. "We are going to go under them and around them and through them if necessary."
Mar 21. The Bonnies will be this region's little engine that could. But can they?
Mar 20. Chelsea Gray leads Duke to Sweet 16
Mar 20. St. John's reaches first Sweet 16
Mar 20. Dunk doesn't get second thought
Mar 20. A very good team, but not a very good show
Mar 19. “We’re good, we’re gritty. We never consider ourselves the underdog,” Graves said ...
Mar 19 ."It's a happy time. It's a great day to be a Gamecock."
Mar 19. Gail Goestenkors resigns at Texas
Mar 19 .Kansas rocks the chalk, upsets Nebraska
Mar 19. [Ohio State] made no secret of their displeasure with the draw but did little to show they deserved any better.
Mar 18. Brian Giorgis makes Marist magic happen
Mar 18. "I couldn't have this be `Oh, it was her first tournament game and she blew it."'
Mar 18. Depleted Duke forges ahead
Mar 18. Rutgers, playing ... on Gonzaga’s home court in Spokane, was overwhelmed by the noise ...
Mar 15. Hampton is not taking the perceived slight of being seeded No. 16 in the women's NCAA tournament lying down.
Mar 15. Can any team stop Brittney Griner?
Mar 14. Owgumikes all the Cardinal needs to make a title run
Mar 14. The Cardinal’s first NCAA trip east of the Rockies since 2001 will result in a tougher than expected win over Hampton.
Mar 13." We found out we were an eighth seed. I'm not going to lie -- we were pretty shocked."
Mar 12. "Put us where you want us to go. As long as we’re playing is all I care about.”
Mar 12. Stanford in Norfolk for the opening two rounds?
Mar 12. Arguably the two best players in the region share a surname and wear the same uniforms ...
Mar 12. The Cardinal always feel underappreciated and underestimated.
Mar 7. A Wish List for the National Tournament
Mar 7. A must-win March for women’s basketball
Mar 7. For a man who eight days earlier said he didn't care about the Big East tournament, Geno Auriemma spent Tuesday's championship game acting like ...
Mar 6. "It's one of the better games and more complete games that we've played in a long time."
Mar 4. "When I saw her cut that net down, it almost brought tears to my eyes," Stricklen said.
Mar 4. Women's Pac-12 tournament seedings announced
Mar 2: The Blue Devils ... appeared to be in the running for a No. 1 seed in the NCAA tournament.
Feb 28: "We're not good enough to win the Big East tournament, probably, so it doesn't matter to me who wins it."
Feb 24. Breaking NCAA bracket selection myths
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